Scholarships are being offered to New Zealand registered practicing Electricians to study and gain New Zealand Electrical Inspectors registration.



Scholarships are being offered to New Zealand registered practicing electricians to study and gain NZ Electrical Inspectors registration.


Only one application can be made per person to gain initial Inspector registration.


The scholarship being offered has two aspects to it.

The first one is sponsorship to the value of $600.00. This will be paid on presentation of Inspectors registration after successfully passing the Inspectors examination.

The second aspect is that NZEIA members are happy to offer “Mentor” type help to candidates who want it. 

The motto of NZEIA is “Competent”, “Compliant” and “Consistent”. We are dedicated to ensuring this becomes part of each members philosophy while inspecting. Along with this help, NZEIA members can assist the candidate with purchase of a suitable Multi-function tester to meet their obligations in testing the many high risk items that are in use in the electrical industry today


As an outcome for the candidate, it is required that within 6 months of passing the examination you will be practicing as an Inspector, and that you will continue to practice in New Zealand for at least 2 years.

You will be given membership of NZEIA for 2 years and will be expected to abide by the rules and ethics of NZEIA. A condition of the free membership is that the recipient will be expected to attend the branch or ward meetings where possible.



The applicant must be prepared to devote necessary time to study towards this qualification:

Study will be by one of the following options:

          1. Enrol with an Approved Training Provider where the theory portion is made up of “On-line” modules and the practical portion on site at the Provider’s training facility, or
          2. Attend a 2 week block course at an Approved Training Provider. With this method candidates may be requested to carry out some study to refresh on Regulations and Standards before attending the block course, or
          3. Weekly night classes at an Approved Training Provider and any practical assessment or study associated with that course.

At the completion of the chosen course, sit the “On-line” EWRB Electrical Inspectors examination conducted by Aspeq.

Legislation and regulations can be downloaded from the internet at no cost, and free relevant standards can be downloaded from Standards NZ through the candidates EWRB profile.

Successful candidates to report to NZEIA after 12 months experience on progress to date.

Scholarship Committee, NZEIA.

May 2023


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